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Scala like Perl?

These days really many people (in the software development world) are fascinated by Scala. And on the other hand it’s practically impossible to find someone feeling similar about Perl. This is somehow surprising for me as I see similarities between … Continue reading

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Gaming controllers for Linux!

Surprisingly I do sometime play computer games. Of course under Linux! With my sons I like car racing games so I needed a gaming wheel or a gamepad. And here the question arises to which I came as well: Which … Continue reading

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EasyMock vs Mockito

Just wanted to share my personal opinion on these 2 great mocking frameworks for Java. After years of experience with both of them… …I say Mockito is better. Mainly because it requires less code to do the same. I don’t … Continue reading

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Base64 utils for Java

Last time I needed to add Base64 encoding to represent some binary data as a text. Especially I needed the functionality of translating a part (with given offset and length) of a byte array and get a result as a … Continue reading

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AES 256 without JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files

Once upon a time I wanted my Java application to encrypt/decrypt some data. I decided to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael) encryption algorithm with 256-bit key. AES is supported by Java SE by a built-in JCA (Java Cryptography Architecture) … Continue reading

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