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Spring Framework and uber-jar made by maven-shade-plugin

If you’re trying to build a Java application in a form of an uber-jar with use of Spring Framework, maven and maven-shade-plugin and you see an error similar to the below one (BeanDefinitionParsingException: Configuration problem: Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler … Continue reading

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How to install Skype 8 on Linux (Ubuntu & Mint)

An installation of Skype in version 8.xx is a little bit different than it was with Skype 4.xx from what I found. As of writing this the current version of Skype is 8.11 and the procedure that I’ve checked on … Continue reading

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Gradle vs Maven

Short story Don’t use gradle. Use maven. A little longer story Don’t use gradle until you really have to. Otherwise use maven. Long story Last time I was dropped into a project that was using gradle. And it was the … Continue reading

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