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amd_iommu=off or amd_iommu=fullflush

Hundreds of years ago the poet William Shakespeare wrote: To be, or not to be? Today, users of some HP Notebook laptops with AMD CPU (like HP Notebook 15-ba006nm) wanting to have Linux often have different dilemma: amd_iommu=off or amd_iommu=fullflush … Continue reading

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Problems with Linux on a HP Notebook

This is a documentation of my tries to get a properly working Linux desktop environment on a brand new laptop: HP Notebook 15-ba006nm (P/N: 1BV18EA). This hardware contains: APU: AMD A10 9600P. It has integrated GPU: Radeon R5, 3rd generation … Continue reading

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Problems with Wifi signal under Linux

Detailed problem description: On a brand new laptop (HP Notebook – 15-ba006nm, P/N: 1BV18EA, some more details) with RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter under a quite new version of Linux (Linux Mint 18.1) with kernel 4.4.0-92-generic I’ve noticed very poor Wifi … Continue reading

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Security holes in Intel CPUs

SHORT: This is my collection of links to articles about Intel CPU/chipset security holes. LAST UPDATE: 16.05.2019 For some longer time I’m interested in security holes/flaws in PC hardware as I find such things a real nightmare from software developer … Continue reading

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Gaming controllers for Linux!

Surprisingly I do sometime play computer games. Of course under Linux! With my sons I like car racing games so I needed a gaming wheel or a gamepad. And here the question arises to which I came as well: Which … Continue reading

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Connecting Nokia 6120 classic to PC under Linux via USB cable

The situation is as follows: We have a Nokia 6120 classic mobile phone with USB cable (special one, for Nokia 6120 classic) We have a PC with a modern Linux (Linux Mint 11 in my case) We want to transfer files … Continue reading

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