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Gaming controllers for Linux!

Surprisingly I do sometime play computer games. Of course under Linux! With my sons I like car racing games so I needed a gaming wheel or a gamepad. And here the question arises to which I came as well: Which … Continue reading

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Turning a laptop into a Java application server in 10 steps

This is just my own proposition of a list of things needed to be done to turn a laptop into a Java application server based on Apache Tomcat under control of a Linux operating system, optionally using PostgreSQL as a … Continue reading

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MATE confirmed to cause video tearing

I hereby confirm that MATE Desktop Environment (at least in Linux Mint 17 MATE Edition) is causing a video tearing. I was facing the problem for last couple of years but I thought it was related to AMD Radeon HD … Continue reading

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Install OpenOffice instead of damn LibreOffice

Last years Linux Mint maintainers have been forcing users to use a relatively new LibreOffice package instead of the well known and mature OpenOffice package. At the beginning it didn’t hurt. Things changed for me when I tried to create … Continue reading

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How to install Adobe Reader 9 on Ubuntu 14.04

Adobe Reader is not present in repositories for Ubuntu 14.04. On the other hand installing the software from package (.deb) downloaded directly from Adobe’s website is somehow problematic. Ubuntu’s package manager informs that the Adobe Reader 9 installer package is … Continue reading

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Update BIOS under Linux

Last time I’ve faced a problem of updating BIOS while having only a computer with Linux and no bootable CD or pendrive (USB stick) with DOS and no access to MS DOS/MS Windows bootable pendrive/floppy/etc. The motherboard’s manufacturer (MSI) provided … Continue reading

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Connecting Nokia 6120 classic to PC under Linux via Bluetooth

This time I wanted to send a file from Nokia 6120 classic mobile phone to a laptop with built-in bluetooth adapter. The computer was powered by one of latest Linux systems with GNOME desktop (possibly MATE derivative). The windowing system … Continue reading

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