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Google App Engine, Java, JPA 2, Spring Framework, Maven

DISCLAIMER: This was going (in 2014!) to be a full tutorial but at some point I’ve lost motivation in digging in the Google App Engine. Actually I was so tired with this GAE data store that I felt really relieved … Continue reading

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Spring MVC, REST, Joda DateTime & Gson

When building REST web-service with Spring MVC the framework automatically configures message converters based on certain libraries found on the classpath (thanks to <mvc:annotation-driven/>). So it’s enough to have Gson (google-gson) as a dependency (in pom.xml) to make your REST service to … Continue reading

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Empty strings instead of null values in JSF 2 on Tomcat 7

Recently I was developing a simple application in JSF 2. I moved the application from Glassfish application server to Tomcat 7.0.41 servlet container, migrating the solution from EJB 3.1 to Spring 3.2.4 at the same time. Under Tomcat I … Continue reading

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