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RestTemplate and <mvc:message-converters> in Spring Framework 4.3

The Spring Framework’s documentation says that RestTemplate instance created by the default constructor gets the default set of HttpMessageConverters. But what is the default set of HttpMessageConverters? Well, this is defined in the Spring Framework Reference. Unfortunately I’ve missed it … Continue reading

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Google App Engine, Java, JPA 2, Spring Framework, Maven

DISCLAIMER: This was going (in 2014!) to be a full tutorial but at some point I’ve lost motivation in digging in the Google App Engine. Actually I was so tired with this GAE data store that I felt really relieved … Continue reading

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Spring MVC, REST, Joda DateTime & Gson

When building REST web-service with Spring MVC the framework automatically configures message converters based on certain libraries found on the classpath (thanks to <mvc:annotation-driven/>). So it’s enough to have Gson (google-gson) as a dependency (in pom.xml) to make your REST service to … Continue reading

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Empty strings instead of null values in JSF 2 on Tomcat 7

Recently I was developing a simple application in JSF 2. I moved the application from Glassfish application server to Tomcat 7.0.41 servlet container, migrating the solution from EJB 3.1 to Spring 3.2.4 at the same time. Under Tomcat I … Continue reading

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