RichFaces 4 sucks!

For almost a year I had experience with RichFaces 4.2.x framework in a commercial project already used on production system. The web application had quite complex user interface. It was created for a quite big institution. My conclusions are:

  1. IT IS NOT MATURE – almost each control we used caused some problems
  2. Avoid its usage in production/commercial projects
  3. It’s really hard to debug. Mistakes that seem to be detected by the framework are not logged/cause no exceptions to be thrown
  4. It’s much less popular than it seems – so you won’t get so much support by its “community”. Questions asked on its forum are not answered for a year. Similar situation with unsolved bugs in its issue tracker.

I’m not gonna to write more details now about above conclusions so it probably doesn’t look very credible. It’s up to you if you want to risk…

In case of implementing user interface in a web application I would rather use Primefaces 3.5 or Google Web Toolkit.

About krzysztoftomaszewski

I've got M.Sc. in software engineering. I graduated in 2005 at Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. I'm working on computer software design and engineering continuously since 2004.
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1 Response to RichFaces 4 sucks!

  1. I updated the post adding recommendation for Primefaces which in my opinion is much better than RichFaces.

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